Spain To Norway On A Bike Called Reggie: ‘Travel Writing… At Its Very Best’


I read the review for Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie that I have copied and pasted below whilst sitting in my car outside the Meltham branch of Morrisons en route home from my few days in the Dordogne visiting the Tour de France (see previous posts). It has been written by Brian Palmer for his website The Washing Machine Post, or should I say ‘the washing machine post’ as Brian has adopted the interesting style of using no capital letters whatsoever. I like him for that (although it can take some getting used to). I’ll be honest; as anyone who has ever devoted a significant chunk of time and effort into doing anything of significance will testify, receiving fulsome praise for what you have put your heart and soul into completing can be quite emotional. If you happened to be in Morrisons’ car park in Meltham at…

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